Our Plants

Rare and unusual plants are what Clearfield Farms is all about. We don't try to have every category of every plant, but when we select a category, we make every effort to have a good selection of those plants.

Consider our selection of lilacs. We have over 30 different varieties of lilacs including several tree form varieties. We have lilacs that bloom early in the season, mid-season and late blooming varieties. We have a host of colors from pure white, to pink, to lavender, to darkest purple, even light yellow. And, we have varieties of different sizes, from those that mature at about 3 ft. to those that will mature at 14 ft. and up. One of our tree form varieties will grow to 25 ft.

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Rare and hard to find annuals plus many old standbys. Even several vines. Annuals are a great way to add vibrant, seasonal color in pots, containers and in your landscape.

500+ varieties of sun, shade, large, small, native and several that even the most ardent grdeners have not seen offered in the heartland before....
48 varieties (sorry, no hybrid teas) of heirloom, David Austin, Grifffin Buck and many others. Most own root....
8 varieties...
Many varieties to choose from....
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